How you can help…

Thank you to everyone who signed the petition to the Welsh Assembly. This has now been submitted with more than 5,500 signatures collected in just 5 weeks! Whilst we await a response, you can still help fight the demolition with the following steps:


This petition is for the Council to object to the plans for demolition. Please note that you must verify your email for it to add you. Please also note that donations made through do not come to us – if you wish to donate to the campaign you can find details at the bottom of this page – thank you.


Individual letters of objection carry a lot of weight when it comes to planning considerations so please take the time to click on the link below and register your objections to the planning application.

Suggested reasons for objection that will be taking into consideration are given below. Thank you.

Reasons to object include:

  1. LOSS OF AN HISTORIC BUILDING. Demolition would contravene:
  • LDP Policy Reference SP10 which calls for the preservation and enhancement of the architectural and historic qualities of buildings.
  • Planning Policy Wales (2018) Section 6.1.7 which states ‘it is important that the planning system looks to protect, conserve and enhance the significance of historic assets.’
  • Planning Policy Wales (2018) Section 6.1.8 which states ‘it is the responsibility of all those with an interest in the planning system, including planning authorities, applicants, developers and communities, to appropriately care for the historic environment in their area.’

2. THE POLICIES OF THE LOCAL DEVELOPMENT PLAN (LDP). The proposed scheme contravenes the following:

  • LDP Policy MG2: Housing Allocations. The LDP calls for 20 units on the site. The proposed 34 units is more than 150% the LDP allocation.
  • LDP Policy MG6: Housing Densities. The proposals represent overdevelopment.
  • LDP Policy MD5: Development within settlement boundaries. The proposals will negatively impact on the wider setting and character of the area due to its prominent location.
  • Supplementary Planning Guide (SPG) Amenity Standards 3: Residential Privacy and Amenity. The height of the scheme and differing ground levels mean that the residential amenity of neighbouring houses will be severely impacted.
  • SPG Amenity Standards Policy 2: Amenity space within residential developments. The scheme fails to provide adequate residential amenity space and therefore also fails to ensure adequate well-being of future residents.

3. INSUFFICIENT PROTECTION OF BATS. The proposed scheme fails to adequately protect the bats that use the building currently due to:

  • Inappropriate location for the bat roost which leaves it vulnerable to disturbance.
  • Proposed ‘well-lit’ car park will deter light-sensitive species that are present.
  • Failure to ensure mitigation measures are in place to protect bats during demolition/construction.

4. CLIMATE IMPACT: In 2019 the Vale of Glamorgan Council declared a ‘Climate Emergency’ and stated it would adopt the position of the IPCC Report (October 2018). Within this report it states that retrofitting existing buildings is key to a low-emission building sector. No evidence has been provided as to why the existing building cannot be retained and retrofitted.


Donations will help fund promotion of the campaign and consultation with experts in planning and heritage.