BREAKING NEWS (06.06.2022): The planning application will be determined this Wednesday 8th June.

We need everyone to URGENTLY write to the Vale of Glamorgan Council Planning Department and your local Planning representative raising the following points:

Scroll down for a list of who to write to.

  • The school should be protected against the policies of SP10 and under the Well-Being of Future Generations Act (Wales) 2015.
  • The development goes against the policies of the adopted LDP (policies MD6 & MG2) in that it is not of a size or scale or design that is reflective of the local area.
  • Part of the reason being sited in support of the application is that this is the only viable scheme – it is not and financial viability is not a material planning consideration.
  • There is an alternative scheme that has been produced that would provide social housing on the site whilst also retaining the buildings – this allows history to be preserved whilst also ensuring housing of a better design for future residents.

Object to the Planning Department here: Vale of Glamorgan Council (

Write to your relevant Committee Member below:

Neil Thomas (Chair)St Augustine’s
Sandra Perkes (Vice-Chair)
Christine CaveLlandow/
Marianne CowpeDinas
Dr Ian
Ian PerrySt Nicolas and
Carys StallardSt Bride’s
Eddie WilliamsLlantwit